Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Hero now recommends that all customers start enabling Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on their accounts to provide an added layer of security to their personal details, logins and account information.  If 2FA is not enabled on an account then if your details are compromised in some way either via your personal computer or your VOIP equipment or applications then a hacker can then potentially access your account causing further disruption and fraudulent activities. We will soon begin to enable 2FA by default on accounts however we recommend that users start enabling 2FA on their existing account by following the simple instructions below. Step 1  - Login to the customer portal and go into the Details page under the Account tab Click the link below to take you directly to the Details page in the customer portal: Step 2  - At the bottom of the details page you will see an option for Two Factor Authentication (2FA).  Simply select 'Enabled (fo

Gigabit Plans Launched and other new Cloud PBX features

It's been 3 months since our last update and a lot has happened since July. Aside from another partial lockdown we have been growing the Hero customer base and partner network and continuing to add more features to our products and services as well as preparing our network to be fully 10Gb connected across all of our handover points and peering points in preparation for our Gigabit Broadband Plan offerings. Here is a rundown of the main changes we have made in more detail below: Gigabit Plans From 1st November we have started accepting orders for our Unlimited Gigabit Fibre Max Broadband Plans. Our 500 Megabit plan will remain as an option but we will also now be supporting the Fibre Max product wherever fibre is available. As with all of our other plans there are no data caps and we support simple DHCP requests for connecting clients. Our retail pricing for the Gigabit plan option is $115+GST in our direct handover coverage area (currently Auckland and surrounding areas) and

Post Lockdown Updates

It has certainly been an interesting last 3 months and we have definitely seen a big shift toward Cloud phone services during this time with a lot of customers moving away from traditional on-premise PBX systems to Cloud based solutions.  We have seen strong growth with both our Cloud PBX service, Web Conferencing and Microsoft Teams voice integration. During the lockdown we have worked hard adding new features to our platforms along with some new products and services and these are outlined below in a bit more detail: Broadband We have launched a new Unlimited 500Mb plan giving customers a big speed boost over the previous 200Mb plan.  We are still aiming to launch our Gigabit plan in the coming month or so but we didn't want to launch that until we were fully ready network wise with several upgrades required to handover and peering links.  However, we believe that the 500Mb plan will be more than suitable for most SMEs. Web Conferencing During lockdown we added more funct

Web Conferencing Service

New web conferencing service Hero has launched a new HTML5/WebRTC browser based web conferencing service today and we think it is an awesome addition to our feature-set, particular The web conferencing product is completely browser based so no separate software is required and because it is HTML5 based and doesn't use Flash or Java etc. it will run on just about any *modern* browser and platform including Apple iPhones and iPads, Android, Mac and PC. The web conferencing product comes with some impressive collaboration features including: High Definition Audio Video support via Webcam/Camera Multi-user whiteboard Presentation window supporting Office Format Docs such as Powerpoint and PDFs Screen sharing capability Public and Private Chat Breakout rooms for group collaboration Emoji support and Polling Recording Options Customers will all have access to a free conferencing room on their account so long as there is at least one cloud line on the account. You can cr

New Cloud features added this month

Geographical Routing One of our biggest new features to the Hero brand is geographical routing. Customers can now forward calls based on the location of the caller. This new enhancement to our call forwarding feature is especially beneficial for Tollfree 0800/0508 numbers as our programming now looks at the phone number of the caller and is able to accurately decide where to send the call. Hero's API Our application program interface is now up and running, able to support personalised programming and integration. You can find instructions on how to use the API and a list of all the available API functions when you login to the customer portal. Just click on the API tab at the top of the page. Contact us if you have any queries. Queue Agent Login/Logout Hero now supports agent logins and logouts for queues. To login to a queue simply dial *70 followed by the extension number of your queue. E.g if the queue extension was 22 then you would dial *7022 to login. To logout o

Microsoft Teams Integration

In October, we launched our new innovative integration between Hero customers and Microsoft Teams, making it possible through direct routing to move some or all of your phone numbers and calling into Teams and merging your phone services with Office 365. At no extra cost, you can call your existing VoIP phones in parallel with Teams with Hero providing automatic failover if an issue with Office 365 were to occur. This way, no important calls are lost and when combined with Hero’s calling bundles and cloud features operating outside of Teams, you’ll be saving money on Microsoft licensing which aligns closely on our aim to always be giving our customers great value. For our wholesale partners, we have a limited time free setup offer if you wish to run Teams under your own personalised branding rather than Hero branding.  Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft Teams and Hero on our website or by visiting: We also have an FAQ about the costs ass

Welcome and our Christmas Holiday Hours

Welcome to the first official Hero newsfeed.  Here you will find the latest information regarding our products, any new features and announcements. Rather than an additional channel of support for our services, our monthly newsletter is a direct line to our partners and customers making sure you are the first to know the latest Hero news. If you’d like to keep up with our news and features on a more frequent basis, you can follow us on our Facebook Page (Hero Internet Ltd) or our Twitter (@herointernetnz) for weekly posts.  We also encourage our partners to follow our Status Feed (@status_hero) on Twitter to keep track of any issues or maintenance work being carried out on our platforms. OUR HOLIDAY HOURS Our offices will be closed on the 25th and 26th December and 1st and 2nd January: Only urgent phone calls regarding emergency outages/problems will be taken as we will have reduced staff available on these holidays. PORTING AND FIBRE INSTALLATION BROWN OUT